Twinkle Toes

"I just love it!"Cheryl Riding - CEO, Twinkle Toes

Case Study | Synopsis

Twinkle Toes are a medium to large sized business that provide Baby Hand and Feet memorabilia products and services through just under 100 active franchises in locations spanning across Australia and New Zealand. Their products are commonly sought after as ideal gifts given by friends and loved ones to new and expecting mothers and their families, and Twinkle Toes wanted a powerful digital gift card solution that gave customers the convenience of buying gift cards online, at the very moment they needed them.

Having sold gift cards for almost 20 years, Twinkle Toes owner Cheryl Riding understands better than anyone the risks of out-dated systems (fraud and lack of data collection, transparency and insight), and that today there's a strong need for more instant gift opportunities in our exceedingly busy lives. Cheryl also wanted to move with technology and provide a system that would give this sought after service to her customers, and allow her business to take advantage of each and every sale opportunity at the very important point of when the customer is decided and ready to purchase, day or night, any day of the year.

"It's far more convenient! In the past, customers would ring around outside business hours, but now they are able to buy and receive gift cards instantly online. And far more convenient for us too."

Cheryl Riding - CEO, Twinkle Toes

Objectives (customers)

  • Provide instant Gift Cards with digital delivery options for 'customers' and 'gift recipients'
  • 24/7 online availability for digital gift cards with instant invoicing and order confirmations
  • Payment processing easily and seamlessly with different payment options (credit card, bank transfer, pick up and pay)
  • Attractive and easy to use mobile and desktop online sales user interface
  • Beautifully published PDF-based Gift Cards for multi-platform accessibility and cross-device compatibility
  • 24/7 online Gift Card 'balance checking' for customers and staff.

Objectives (staff)

  • Secure payment processing, with Direct Debit
  • Redeem/process gift cards easily (mobile + tablets)
  • Track sales, data collection, and provide meaningful data representation and business analytics (Localised, national and international segments)
  • Verify and re-send lost gift cards to clients
  • Customisable gift card values (for customers and staff)
  • Customisable gift card styles and design templates
  • Multi franchise and branch support
  • Intuitive product management
  • Protection against fraud prone to physical gift card system

Business Innovation Through Modern Technology

The POSconsole team were employed by Twinkle Toes to assist in the implementation of an Online Digtal Gift Card Sales and Management System with customisations applied. Our Software Development and Consultation Services teams began exploration into finding the right solution, which meant that Twinkle Toes were only limited by their imagination when it came to embarking on the journey to integrate Digital Gift Cards into their business model.

Exposing the key problem areas of the existing system helped define the risks and inefficiencies that Twinkle Toes were currently facing in the Gift Cards service area. A quick analysis of the pre-existing process quickly isolated many areas that were inefficient, while simultaneously illustrating what the ideal solution would look like for the business.

An Opportunity, A Game-Changer

Twinkle Toes saw this implementation, as more than an opportunity, it was a game changer and gateway into further digital possibilities. Through POSconsole, business processes were economised. Twinkle Toes were provided with an intelligent, comprehensive and powerful system that would not only perfunctorily offer and capture online sales and opportunities at the very point of consumer decision-making, but that would eliminate a huge portion of administrative overheads and costs and stop the risk of fraud in right in its tracks.

With Amazing Results

Including not just improved customer engagements and user experiences every day each week, but also new sales opportunities...

New Data

A huge increase in collected sales data and customer insight for product sales, product and customer stream tracking

Exceeded Expectations

Exceeded and unexpected utilisation of gift card service

Marketing Miser

Improved customer satisfaction and data retention for marketing and promotional campaigns

Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers and franchise managers and staff

"I Just Love It!"

Cheryl Riding - CEO, Twinkle Toes

Extensive Data Reporting Shows a Great Business Move

Twinkle Toes understand the value of data. Not just in providing direction for balancing demand with supply, and input and resources with output and production - always leading to improved economisation in process and resulting in best customer pricing and experience (time); but also for validating business decisions and integration of new processes and products such as digital products. The POSconsole system provides data that can be further customised and presented in a plethora of ways. For Twinkle Toes, we endeavoured to create meaning around the data that would be easily interpretable at a glance.

Twinkle Toes can now access data insights including:

  • Sales data per day, month, year & all time
  • Comparative sales data by e.g. most popular products or gift values overall
  • Customer purchase and activity data (when purchased, where redeemed, quantity, repeat business etc.)
  • Most popular franchisees/business locations for redeemed cards
  • Most popular regions for Gift Card processing (purchase and/or redemption) e.g Sydney Western Suburbs purchase averages are higher than Eastern Sydney
  • Popularity by season/time of year and based on region/location
  • Further marketing insights and more.

It Needs to Be Easy to Assimilate for Our Franchisees

Rolling out new business software company wide, and integrating new processes into a long existing system isn't easy, especially on very large scales. Components around training, setting up events, employee availability and training delivery can become complicated and challenging to orchestrate, and depending on the complexity of training material and required physical learning aspects, this can be onerous for employees too. With the introduction of POSconsole into Twinkle Toes business, this wasn't a problem. Anticipation and consideration of user scenarios meant the Online Gift Card cloud-based software was intuitively designed around an optimised user experience. The software exists in the cloud so rollout was simple, and there was no steep learning curb for franchisees; in fact, everything was delivered in a 24/7 accessible, simple 5-minute instructional video, which speaks volumes to the intuitive and simplified nature of POSconsole Digital Gift Card services.

Goodbye Overheads and Risk, Hello Convenience and Security

Twinkle Toes described a system that would be tidy, data-accurate, consolidated and save both time and resources for clients and franchisees. Plastic-based/physical gift cards combined with staff-based data entry registers risk compromised security and have a huge propensity for data inaccuracy. POSconsole is built foundationally for business process automation and security. For Twinkle Toes, we helped enable secure delivery and management of digital gift card products while automating and tracking all stages of the transaction process, not to mention accurate, automated data architecture combined with data collection for steering confident business decisions now and in the future.

Hats off to Twinkle Toes!

We take our hats off to Twinkle Toes noting that they've an impressive history of moving with Technology. Over time they've seen and implemented into their streamlined processes, cloud-based customer databases, digital ordering systems, social media and online marketing, and dynamic website components such as event tools and product management. Incorporating POSconsole's powerful digital solutions into their business processes is not just a next step, but a final destination regarding their digital point of sale and data management future. POSconsole ensure ongoing innovation, constantly moving with technology and creating new trends for providing airtight, accurate and environmentally conscious and sustainable digital solutions to help lead and create future-minded and confident businesses.