Everything Comes In The Box

POSconsole comes 100% ready for you to start selling gift cards today. With new Gift Card designs and templates released regularly, you'll a huge array of options to choose from, available for you to use for any season, holiday and special occasion. If you're feeling creative, POSconsole let's you introduce your own designs so you can further integrate logos and custom images at will and within minutes.

With a sleek and modern User Interface, you'll find the POSconsole experience simple and effective to put in place, and best of all, it's available on all devices including laptop, tablet and even mobile.

The Future of Gift Cards Has Arrived

Through POSconsole you can choose and set your own gift card values (and see which gift cards sell best), or hand control back to your customers to choose their own. Isolate customised values easily by basing them on your market, your product/service prices and predicted customer spend, or allow your customers to choose their own values through the 'customer customisable' gift cards type - where all you need to do is simply set the ceiling. You can also take full control of your gift card's expiry periods to entice your customers to use use their gift cards sooner, or leave expiry periods open and flexible.

Automate & Attach Special Offers

Take advantage of attaching promotion and specials to your gift cards, to help you sell while creating even better value for your customers. With POSconsole, you can apply discounts and specials to gift cards, and your customers will see that you're keeping up with trending discount seasons. Set specials and discounts based on time periods and notable calendar events, and these will automatically activate on the dates and during the times specified.

And take digital sales to the next level with POSconsole's digital downloads capability. Sell photographs, media, ebooks and other digital products, and further extend the online shopping experience for your customers today.

"POSconsole provides an easy way to sell my photography packages and services, with no upfront and monthly costs."

Anna Riley, Photographer