Amazing 24/7 Sales Tracking in Real Time

Watch your new sales roll in throughout the day, or turn on notifications and be alerted when they happen.

realtime dashboard

See Everything at a Glance

You'll receive real-time data on your sales, redemptions with meaningful data-driven insight showing your cumulative sales by day, month and year. Check your product line-up and see which are doing best. If you want to present your sales information to a board, or for a potential investment opportunity, simply export to PDF or XLS and email through to the relevant parties. All of your data is perfectly presented in real-time on every internet-connected device within your home.

see everything, anytime, any device

More Data and Sales Insights

Your Dashboard's Live Activity Feed shows you all the details you'll need to help you draw insights about customers and their purchasing habits. See when transactions have taken place, where people are buying from, what the most popular payment method is and be informed for better decision making moving forward.

Use the indexed search feature to locate information such as past transactions, user information or look up a lost gift card right there on the spot!

POSconsole activity feed

Redeem Anywhere from Any Device

Do you sell or provide services on the go? Whether you're in-store or out-and-about, redeeming Gift Cards on your mobile phone will make completing transactions a breeze. Simply scan the QR code on the Gift Card or copy in the customer's secure code, specify an amount of the gift card's value that you wish to use and confirm - it's that easy.

POSconsole redeem and manage gift cards

Automated Invoicing, Intelligent Record Keeping

All invoices and transaction processing history are kept on record within POSconsole to enable you as a business owner in many ways. You can review purchases and payments at any time, verify existing payments, manually adjust payment statuses and trigger the automated issue of refunds, and confirm sales data for easy processing of tax related requirements. You can further record sales notes and special customer-related information for future reference, to be displayed at a glance in individual transaction history feeds.

POSconsole sales, invoices, record keeping

"POSconsole is available everywhere -
The management dashboard provides live statistics as well as detailed reports and information."

Travis Welling, Personal Trainer