Redeem on Every Device

Gift cards can be redeemed quickly and easily from tablets, laptops, desktop PCs and all mobile devices through customer provided Gift Card codes or by using our exclusive and modern QR Code integrated technology.

Redeem customer provided gift cards right there on the spot by turning your digital device (Phone, Tablet or PC) into a digital mobile gift card redemption terminal. Simply scan the presented Gift Card QR code with your mobile device's camera to process a full or partial redemption.

redeem on any device

Check Balance and Transactions, Anytime, Anywhere

Your POSconsole Online Gift Card services provide your customers with the option of checking the live balance of their gift cards at any time, and from any device. Your customer simply visits the 'Check Gift Card Balance' portal provided as standard, and through the use of their Phone, Tablet or PC they can either scan their code using their device's camera, or enter the alpha numeric code into the provided input to get a up-to-date balance reading.

check your balance any time

Information at Your Fingertips

Your online POSconsole dashboard keeps track of all transactions for you and notifies you at all crucial stages during both the sales and redemption processes. You'll alway know how many gift cards are in circulation, remaining balances, when and where previous gift cards were redeemed and when gift cards are due to expire.

You'll also have the ability to extend and control gift card the rules around what makes a gift card valid, as well as enabling and disabling card features or the card itself.

all transactions, data, always available

"POSconsole gift cards can be redeemed on any device, anywhere. I just scan the gift card's QR code and enter the value."

Alice Goodman, Beautician