Sell a Product Immediately

07 March 2017

You can now immediately sell a product straight from the Product area (or search) via the right options menu. This makes the process of selling a product much faster and easier.

Upon clicking 'Sell', a new sale is created with the product already loaded into the sale table ready to go.

Search Improvements

03 March 2017

The dashboard search area has been improved with a better user interface, more information about the data on display and quick functions.

For example, for Sales and Purchases a summary of the transaction is displayed along with the total amount, date issued and the contact. For Social Media and Messages, a summary of the message/post plus if it's a recurring message/post and when it will be sent next.

By clicking the options button beside the result, you will have access to quick actions such as print, edit, duplicate, delete and more.

Issue Invoices, pay online

22 February 2017

You can now create new sales and provide your customers multiple ways to pay including via credit card online.

To create a sale, simply click the plus icon in the sales area. Start creating the sale by searching for an existing customer or add a new one. Enter your sale items and then click save or if you want to email it to your customer immediately, just click email. An email with a PDF invoice will be sent automatically. You can also send the invoice later and you can view it at anytime by selecting the print option.

Every invoice with a balance owing features a 'how to pay' section at the bottom of the page and includes your online, mail and direct deposit details. If a customer wants to pay online they simply scan the QR code on the page or enter the unique url.

When a sale is paid online it is automatically marked as paid and you are notified via email.

Advanced Reporting Tools

21 February 2017

We've been quiet for the past few months, but we've been working hard on a range of new features which make it easier to run, report and market your business, the first is our new reports section.

Within the reports section you can see all your sales, purchases and more at a glance with logical figures on display such as totals for today/yesterday, this month/last month, this quarter/last quarter, this year/last year and all time. With each range you can print a professional PDF report or export to a common format such as CSV. PDF reports are presented with the relevant data, featuring your company logo up the top and page numbering.

If you want to create a custom report you can - Just click the plus up the top (just like creating a new sale/purchase). You can choose the type of data your after (sales, purchases etc), the start and end date/times, the report format (PDF, CSV, etc) and when you want the report. You can generate the report now and download immediately or choose to schedule the report, which will be emailed to you automatically. You can also choose to schedule the report to run at select intervals such as yearly, monthly and daily. Scheduled reports can be paused, and tested at any time.

Need GST information for tax purposes? POSconsole has reports for that too. You can create GST Activity Statements and GST Transaction reports of any date range. Generated GST reports provide all the data you need including relivant tax codes (eg. G1, G10, 1B etc).

Pay with Apple Pay

22 September 2016

Apple Pay has arrived at POSconsole! Your customers can now checkout with Apple Pay.

Once customers have added products they want to purchase to their cart, they simply press the Apple Pay button and then use Touch ID to authorise the payment. Thats it! All the required information is provided via Apple Pay, removing the need for customers to enter any information to complete the purchase.

Apple Pay is available right now and can be used on iPhone 6 and later (including iPhone 7), iPad Air 2 and later and Mac OS Sierra (coupled with a compatible iOS device).

At this time, Apple Pay is only available for American Express and ANZ customers in Australia.