About Us

Innovative digital sales solutions

POSconsole is a gateway service that grants businesses access to brand new markets in just minutes, and is only dependent on whether you've a product or service to sell and is only limited by your own creativity.

What is POSconsole?

We created a powerful, always evolving system that brings businesses and clients closer together.

We aim to help you improve your business by using our unique software automated tools and services.

POSconsole enables you to spend more time with your clients and less time managing and marketing your products and services.

>6 Million
Managed Products/Services
>$500 Million
Sales and Purchases

How POSconsole started

POSconsole was created initially to meet the needs of businesses wanting a simple, multi-store online gift card management solution. We saw there wasn't a system available that wasn't modern, expandable and easy to use. By the end of 2015 the system known as POSconsole (Point Of Sale console) was born with the plan to expand overtime into different areas of the online point of sale industry.

Initially customers were able to purchase instant online gift cards and redeem them at any location the applicable business is located. Overtime we added major additional features to POSconsole starting with invoicing and accounting tools followed by admission ticketing, tour bookings and physical product solutions.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of experience across information technology and marketing fields who are passionate about the growth of POSconsole and success of our clients and their customers.

A great part of POSconsole's mission is to improve the experiences of customers in all areas of engagement with businesses, and to remove the complexity for businesses in delivering services to their clients, while also providing transparency and useful analytics to enhance business capabilities.

POSconsole leadership team