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Not sure if POSconsole is for you? Don't worry, POSconsole is free to join and use. All free accounts can create, manage and sell products and services including Gift Cards, Admissions, Bookings and Events. You can also make a limited amount of posts to any connected social media account and add one store and one additional user to your account. We can also help you maximise your sales with free account setup and assistance. Give POSconsole a try now, sign up in minutes.

What do I get?

Make Sales

Create, manage and sell digital products including Gift Cards, Admission, Event and Booking tickets and digital downloads. Digital products are presented and emailed instantly and automatically!


Redeem purchased Gift Cards and Tickets using QR codes or 16-digit text codes. View reports and keep track of redemptions, check-ins and more.

Track and Manage

Watch your sales and redemptions live within the POSconsole dashboard, manage your business and upgrade your account to add more features!


Create and manage sales and purchase invoices. Email your invoices directly to your customers and enable them to pay online. You can also create recurring sales and purchase orders that automatically generate and email on every recurring date. In free accounts, you can create up to 10 transactions of each.

Social Media Marketing

Connect your social media accounts to POSconsole, schedule your posts and even add dynamic information to make your social engagement standout! In free accounts, you can post up to 10 times using a range of social media accounts.

Free Account

You only pay if you make any online sales, so there is no cost up front, no risk. 10% for Gift Cards, 5% for Physical items and 3% for invoices/admissions/events per transaction. We also provide free phone and email support to help you maximise your sales and marketing.

Want more?

Upgrade your account at anytime and unlock additional features including unlimited dynamic Social Media, Email and SMS marketing. Reduce transaction fees and grow your account as your business expands by adding more stores, users and much more.

Sell your products and services, create invoices and more.
8% Gift Cards, 3% Physical items, 2.5% Invoices, Admissions per transaction
Create unlimited Sale and Purchase invoices
Automate invoice generation and delivery
Digital PayLink for instant invoice processing
Manage up to 5 stores
Manage up to 5 users
Most Popular
Marketing Plus
Get more sales, create and manage more leads using dynamic social media, email and SMS marketing tools, add more users and stores.
5% (Gift Cards), 2% Physical items, Invoices, Admissions per transaction
Create, schedule and send unlimited posts to popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
Create, schedule and send unlimited dynamic email messages and marketing content to individual clients or groups
($0.001/per Email)
Create, schedule and send unlimited dynamic SMS messages to individual clients or groups
($0.20/per SMS)
Manage up to 20 stores
Manage up to 40 users
Business Pro
Reduce transaction costs, additional ways to gain more sales and leads, manage more stores and users.
3% (Gift Cards), 1% Physical items, Invoices, Admissions per transaction
Customer Loyalty System
More lead generation and development, abandoned cart recovery
Professional sales and marketing reports
Additional store management and report tools
Unlimited stores
Unlimited users