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11 January 2018

Make more business. How? Expand the market. Get more exposure. How? Have more opportunities for customers to buy. Understand them, be empathetic, what do they need? How can you create a symbiotic relationship that helps them, and grows your business too! They're busy days, no time. You're busy, so how do you do it. Think about it.

Expand the market

Tania Amanda and Jodie, Gravel and Grace now in Retail in Julia Creek, Queensland selling at a huge distance to buyers in Texas. Through the use of online avenues such as etsy, these sales stream and exposure are becoming a reality.

Selling digitally is a fundamental adjunct for your business these days.

RetailNext [1] Current sales value of eCommerce retailers is $294 billion. [1]

New sales streams within your business. Whether you sell personal services (massage, photography), creative services (websites), you run events, tours (maybe rainforest, brewery, historical locations, caves), personal training, rock climbing you can sell digital gift cards, digital memberships.

Online is the key

Just look at corporations such as Amazon, eBay or the huge trend on etsy focusing on creative products from accross the worl. We are being groomed for moving toward purchases online.

Although I want to emancipate myself from technology, a lot of the time, the perception for online sales is value. [2] 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores. [2]

We are buying on eBay for a costume party coming up on our phones just before bed. Buying movie tickets for a date night on our lunchbreaks from the comfort of lunch room. It's all happening and it's all happening online.

Social Media

In terms of marketing, populate social media channels with your products and services and an online purchase capacity so your customers can buy right there and then.

Adweek [3] 25% of U.S. consumers will consult social media before buying gift. [3] 40% of 18- to 34-year-olds are likely to use social networks for gift ideas. [3]

Setup digital sales streams online. You can sell your products directly, or you can sell gift cards to satisfy gift ideas, setting up this digital steam in minutes. is a fantastic platform for you to explore online sales channels. Setup digital gift cards and sell in minutes. Broadcast to social media. Then watch as your customers find new ways to engage you, to buy from you, and then nurture them during the sales process as they come in to redeem their services from you.

Easy Business Tips Today. Easy tips and tricks that you can shift to improve your business in just minutes. Cheers. - Brodie