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Strict verification when purchasing applies - We will contact you for additional verification (drivers licence, bank transaction information etc).

Fashionable women's, men's and children's clothing, underwear, footwear, cosmetics, fragrances and accessories; the latest designs in homewares, including manchester, bed linen, electrical appliances and d├ęcor; and a full range of toys, games and entertainment. Checkout the latest catalogue here. Click here to find your nearest store.

Target eGift Cards can be used to purchase goods from or at Target Australia stores. Excludes Target eBay stores. Valid for up to 24 months from date of purchase, please check your gift card for exact expiry date.

This Gift Card may take up to 48 hours to activate and deliver to the specified email address. Valid for 3 years.

You agree to be bound by these Terms of Use by purchasing, using, or attempting to use an eGift Card or by making a transaction enquiry or exercising any right to redeem value loaded on an eGift Card.

By purchasing, using or attempting to use a eGift Card, or by making a transaction enquiry or exercising any right to redeem value loaded on a eGift Card, you warrant to us that you will comply with these Terms of Use and all applicable laws and that the eGift Card will not be used in any manner that is unlawful, misleading, deceptive, unfair or otherwise harmful to consumers.

If you are giving a eGift Card to another person, you should ensure that he or she is aware of the Terms of Use that apply to the eGift Card and the relevant Expiry Date of the eGift Card.

eGift Cards cannot be reloaded or recharged with additional value.

Your eGift Card is valid for use until the Expiry Date, being two (2) years from the date of its issue.

Any unspent value cannot be redeemed after that time.

You agree to pay the nominated eGift Card value(s) in respect of each eGift Card Order placed.

eGift Cards are only available for delivery and use within Australia.

All Orders are delivered via email to a nominated business or personal email address.

We do not accept responsibility for Orders which do not arrive within the period specified.

Coles Group will not be responsible for any lost or misdirected eGift Cards, including where an incorrect email address has been provided to us.

Anyone with access to the nominated email delivery address who receives the eGift Card(s) shall be presumed to be authorised to receive the eGift Card(s) on your behalf.

We do not accept liability for any unauthorised acceptance and any consequential unauthorised redemption of an eGift Card.

eGift Cards cannot be exchanged for another denomination or tender (i.e. cash).

Please note that we are not responsible for and are unable to replace eGift Cards which are lost or stolen.

eGift Cards cannot be refunded or returned, unless required by law.

Delivery fees are non-refundable unless required by law.

Once submitted via the Coles Group & Myer eGift Card website, Orders cannot be cancelled unless required by law.

We reserve the right to cancel an Order if it is; Risk and title in the eGift Card(s) passes to you upon payment for the eGift Card(s). We will not be responsible for any lost or misdirected eGift Cards, including any eGift Cards lost or misdirected by email where it can be shown that the email was sent to the address set out in the Order.

These Terms of Use do not contain the full Terms of Use governing the use of your eGift Card. Visit for the complete eGift Card Terms of Use.