The POSconsole Dashboard is the centre of your POSconsole experience. You can view live statistics, sales, create sales and purchases, create products, redeem gift cards, create and manage contacts and much more. Using and navigating around the dashboard is easy.

  • You can navigate around the dashboard via the main menu located on the left. The menu is always open on large screens and hidden on mobile devices. To open or close the menu simply click the hamburger menu icon.

  • Each section of the dashboard has quick buttons to make it quicker to do simple tasks such as create a sale or redeem a gift card. By clicking the 3 vertical dots more options are listed. The 3 vertical dots are also used in tables to allow for more options (list of sales, users, stores, gift cards etc).

  • Each section of dashboard is also broken up into tabs. Tabs are used to filter information to make it easier to find what your looking for. You can swipe or scroll from left to right to navigate the tabs if you can see them all.

  • Can't find what your looking for? Find it via search. You can search for anything across sales, purchases, users, stores, social media posts, email and more. To search, just click the search icon located top right and then start typing. Search results are filtered based on the type.