Payment Gateway Setup

To sell products and services though POSconsole you need to setup your payment gateway. POSconsole's payment gateway provider is Stripe. Stripe provides an easy setup process, simple credit card processing fees and rolling payment transfers to your bank account. Setting up your payment gateway is easy and should be done before you create your first product!

  • If you have no payment gateway you will see a message on the front page of the POSconsole dashboard. Click the 'Add Payment Gateway' button to get started. If you don't see any message select 'Settings' from the left menu, then click the 'Payments' tab.

  • Click the 'Add' button to connect to Stripe. Ensure you have read both the text above the button and the provided Stripe link. Understand the costs for processing a credit card using Stripe and the POSconsole transaction fee. You will not be charged any costs unless you make a sale or upgrade your plan.

  • Provide the information requested by Stripe or Sign in up the top if you already have a Stripe account. Stripe may require additional information such as your identity after you have completed the signup process!

  • After signing up to Stripe you will return to the Payments section of the POSconsole dashboard confirming the connection. You are ready to start selling products and services! Click the 'Edit' button to modify Stripe settings such as including credit card fees with a purchase.